Leszek Narloch

Leszek Narloch

National Director

Why am I in DuoLife ?

  • I conquer the world with DuoLife!
  • I am a visionary.
  • I support the quality!

My personal message

Witaj na mojej stronie :) 
Kocham biznes sieciowy bo umożliwia on realizacje marzeń.
Zyskaj swobodę finansową, zdrowie i dostęp do wiedzy jak budować swój własny biznes.
Skontaktuj się ze mną na facebooku: https://www.facebook.com/leszek.narloch
lub na e-mail: leszek.narloch@gmail.com

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My favorite products

DuoLife Day and Night Set can be distinguished among the products of this type available on the market, because only this one makes use of its valuable properties all day long. Our body needs different types of ingredients and nutrients during the day, when it shows increased psychomotor activity, and slightly different ones during the evening and night, when individual processes are slower…

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DuoLife VitaC is a product that allows you to fill vitamin deficiencies resulted from a diet poor in various nutrients, including vitamin C, or in states of reduced immunity, diseases, increased physical and mental effort when there is a greater demand for it. It effectively meets the daily requirement of the vitamin and eliminate the need for using uncertain specifics from sources that we do…

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DuoLife Chlorofil is a unique composition of ingredients that are favourable to a higher demand for energy which can be used throughout the day full of various activities. A 100% natural product that is easily absorbed due to its liquid form, and also extremely effective. The product includes chlorophyllins, the strongest antioxidant known to date. DuoLife Chlorophy is…

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